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Buddhism As An Education

Buddhism is a special kind of knowledge. It provides the greatest enjoyment for humankind.

Buddhism is a special kind of knowledge; it is not a religion. In order to derive true benefit from it, we have to understand it’s true nature. I have the utmost respect for Buddhism and I believe Buddha Sakyamuni to be the foremost educator in the history of the world. He was just like Confucius in that he taught everyone tirelessly and without discrimination.

Buddhism is the teaching of Buddha Shakyamuni as he was its founder. We call Him the “Original teacher,” just like the Chinese call Confucius the “Greatest sage and teacher.” The relationship between Buddha and ourselves is a teacher-student relationship, which is not religious in nature. In religion, there is not a teacher-student relationship but that of father-son or master-servant.

Buddhism is for everyone, regardless of gender, age, occupation, nationality or religion. Everyone can learn and practice Buddhism, for it is the teaching of ultimate, perfect wisdom.

Buddhism is the pinnacle of the world’s wisdom. It provides the greatest enjoyment for humankind. I have experienced the unsurpassable joy of being free from afflictions, delusions and wandering thoughts. My body and mind are clean and pure, totally at ease. I am the happiest person in the world.

Therefore, I feel indebted to Professor Fang (方東美), for without him, I would not have learned Buddhism nor would I have such complete happiness derived from practicing Buddha’s teaching.

Venerable Chin Kung

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